Procleix® HC+ Luminometer

Accurate injection & measurement; efficient data processing

The Procleix HC+ Luminometer automatically injects detection reagents into tubes and measures the amount of light emitted from chemiluminescent reactions. Chemiluminescent molecules can be coupled to genetic probes (DNA or RNA) to detect specific hybridization reactions, or to antibodies to detect antigen-antibody interactions. The result is quantitative and qualitative measurement of antibodies, hormones, bacteria, viruses or drugs.

The Procleix HC+ Luminometer automatically sends data to an external PC, which uses Procleix® System Software for efficient analysis and data processing.

    • Automation
    • Positive sample ID
    • Integrated data
    • High throughput



  • Automatically injects detection reagents
  • Automatically transfers data to PC for reduction analysis

Positive sample ID

  • Bar-coded sample tracking ensures positive sample identity

Integrated data

  • Networking capabilities for electronic worklist creation and sample ID tracking
  • Integration with the Laboratory Information System (LIS)

High throughput

  • Processes 25 cassettes, each holding one ten-tube unit (TTU)


Procleix is a trademark of Grifols.


Grifols and Novartis have announced an agreement for Grifols to acquire the transfusion diagnostics unit of Novartis.

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